Boost Testosterone Levels, Easy way!

T-Levels are supposed to be adequate for a number of reasons because their low levels are totally a health concern plus they will start a kind of chain reaction that can cause multiple health issues. Testosterone is more than just a hormone that is merely present in your body.

It can burn fat, maintain libido, hair growth, fat loss, muscle strength all are associated with the right levels of this hormone. Moreover, it is found in both genders male & female but in Gentlemen, it is a little more crucial than their counterparts.

Now the question arises what to do once you learn that your T-Levels are low?

There are a number of ways but some of them are easy to stick with, not a hassle at all and they are given below.

  1. Avoid Sleep is a complete No-No:

The absence of quality sleep implies that your “levels of T” drop down dramatically and it also indicates that reduction in fat loss and muscle are mandatory too.

As researchers confirm that the good night sleep that you happen to take is directly linked to the levels of T in the morning and T-Hormone levels constantly get changed during the 24 hour period. Maintenance is important as this hormone participates in different health-related activities throughout the day and low levels of it simply can be a disaster.

Bottom line: keep your zzz time in check to sustain balanced levels of the hormone.

  1. Eating Fat can increase T-Levels, Myth or Reality?

According to Don Gauvreau MSc (PharmaFreak, Co-founder), only taking fat in your diet is not sufficient but what type of fat you add to your diet plan has an important role to play.

Gone are the days when people used to consider that fat is a complete No-No and they cannot add it in their diet but in reality, people have realized that fat is actually needed to be categorized and some of the categories are actually good for human survival.

Fats like monounsaturated and saturated fats can have a good impact on the T-Levels and it has been confirmed through a study that was published in “Applied Physiology Journal”. Thus, high content of these fats is satisfactory.

Moreover, in another study, it has been declared that when the subjects (participants) were asked to switch high-fat diet around 13% of saturated fat to a low-fat diet about 5% saturated fat, they happened to experience a non-negligible  decline in this hormonal level and there was significant drop in the circulation of androgen in overall type.

Bottom Line: have some fat in your diet.

  1. Good Cholesterol is a complete yes!

It should not come as a surprise that cholesterol is essential for testosterone.


Because Testosterone is originated from cholesterol so, it is a no-brainer that when your body is not able to obtain cholesterol properly then levels of muscle hormone (Testosterone) are supposed to go down as some researchers affirm the strong bond between HDL cholesterol and free testosterone.

Do remember, most of the testosterone in your body is limited only to protein in your body and only free testosterone is allowed to be used by the muscle tissues.

In addition to this, taking foods like seafood (shrimp, lobster, and squid), red meat and whole eggs are some of the very good choices especially whole eggs are said to have potential to improve lipoprotein (Raised HDL cholesterol) and decline in insulin resistance in people who are already suffering from metabolic syndrome.

Bottom line: Have some eggs to get better cholesterol levels that will end up increasing right hormones

  1. Long workouts? Think again!

The research indicates short rest periods during sets have the tendency to improve your overall workout experience as well as they will make you able to hit the right responses from your hormonal side.

However, if your workouts exceed from more than 1 hour or they are long with long period of rest then chances are they are causing more harm than good because long workout sessions can be resultant in secretion of Cortisol Levels (stress hormone) that is definitely not a very favorable condition as it tends to decrease the levels T hormone.

Bottom Line: keep your workout within 60 minutes and with shorter breaks in between in terms of rest.

  1. Try a supplement:

Natural things are always the better solution for any health related problems and when it comes to taking the decision about a supplement, again go for natural ones.

Testogen is one of those supplements on the market that are designed with naturally effective ingredients and are totally tried and tested.

Furthermore, this supplement can be best for anyone who is willing to have better stamina, muscle mass, muscle endurance and better workout sessions with less fatigue or no tiredness at all.

Bottom Line: give this supplement a try because you are worth it.

Improve mental strength in 5 simple ways

There are numerous ways through which you can enhance the power of your brain for instance through spending time on different websites that offer mind training, by electrical jolts (no kidding), via dietary supplements, drugs or by brain-training games.

Options are limitless. However, not everything is totally workable.  One has to be skeptical while selecting any particular one to get trained.

Today, we are going to talk mental fitness through different methods, almost all of them are tried and tested to provide you desired results in form of improved mental abilities.

So, here are they!

  1. Sleep- Sleep and Sleep:

When we feel sleepy, we tend to make more mistakes, it gets hard to stay focused but the issue does not end here; people actually cannot sustain themselves if they are sleep deprived.

This is just not the case of only one specific situation but in reality, wrong sleeping pattern affects your life for short term and long term equally.

Sleeping is not only responsible for keeping the current memory and collected information in place but as a matter of fact; it has some rather important connections when it comes to talk about strengthening your mental powers or generating new cells of your brain.

Bottom line is that sleeping properly is more than necessary for your body and the brain as you literally improve your brain while you are asleep!

  1. Eat to get Smart:

The right kind of nutrients have many roles to play in our life, you name it and nutrients it! Similarly, it is true for the health level of your brain. The correct diet does not only improve health of your body but it is actually quite essential for your mind as well. Believe it or not but proper diet is the lifeline of your mind that is responsible to keep you sharp, edgy, confident, content and on the right track.

Having an unhealthy mind is not an asset but a liability that you have to pay by the staking your life and fun & enjoyment of it.

Moreover, there are many food items those are said to be good for your brain like Nuts (walnuts or almonds), whole grains, Vitamin E, avocadoes or blueberries etc. Having healthy brain is more than necessary for your satisfactory life.

Bottom line: Eat what helps you to be a little smarter than you are right now!

  1. Tetris:

Some of the games are proven to improve your mental abilities. It may take you by surprise but playing Tetris is one of them.

How? Well, to stay more alert and wise, human mind tends to have this ability where it can remember things that are happening, so later when you face the same situation or difficulty then you must know how to tackle it. The same thing happens when you play any game with concentration, your mind starts solving the hurdles of game levels even when you are not playing it.

Thus, when you play Tetris in particular, your mind keep building those bricks even when you are not playing the game, that extra back-side practice in your sub conscious leads you to have a thicker cortex, means literally more brain in volume!

The game of Tetris can also be very helpful for the people who have experienced any sort of trauma in their lives if they start playing it after that sad life experience, they can bounce back soon from that condition.

Tetris speeds up their recovery and it also helps to stop flashbacks to the negative memories.

Bottom Line: Playing Tetris actually improves your overall brain, so let us give it a shot! J

  1. Doing Exercise:

Exercise is considered to be good for body but it also enables your brain to work effectively and efficiently. Exercise in any form is great, to see its tremendous outcomes making it a part of your life.

Bottom Line: Exercise can improve your mental abilities to a great extent.

  1. Noocube (an instant method):

Today, our lives are already pretty busy and despite knowing many things, we just happen to know them, safe them in mind but never ever we are able to make them a part of our lives.

To give you solutions that you can integrate in your life without hassle, scientists are working continuously and luckily, they have succeeded in placing forward some of the most remarkable things that are hard to believe but they are true and the best part is that they are available for general public. Nootropic Supplement

The dietary supplement (Noocube) is one of those tremendous breakthroughs. This supplement is a result of long researches and clinical studies.

It can be good for

  • cognitive activity
  • concentration
  • Mental Energy
  • Improved communication
  • Staying more focused
  • concentration
  • multitasking

Bottom Line: Noocube can be your answer when you need something simple yet effective for your brain.

Final Thoughts:

Getting smart is not just another quality in your personality but in fact when your brain performs better, you will get benefits that are essential in every way.

The importance of HIIT Training for muscle building

HIIT has recently gained popularity amongst all gym-goers and people who like to take their fitness seriously. HIIT or high intensity interval training combines alternating periods of short but intense anaerobic exercise with less intensive recovery periods. Serious athletes have been known to utilize this form of exercise for quite some time now and they have been reaping the benefits of HIIT.

It is a simple idea that not only saves time but also gives you the same benefits as an hour-long workout. So it is perfect for people who do not have the luxury of spending hours in the gym everyday. Best of all, you don’t need a gym to incorporate HIIT in your daily life. You can do it without a gym, as well!

Here are a few benefits of HIIT and how you can utilize them for building muscles, the fast way!

It Is Time Efficient!

This is one of the best things about HIIT. It hardly takes ten minutes of your time and then you are good to go! You can lift weights after your HIIT, as this ten-minute workout covers warm-up time and also prepares your muscles for lifting weights. You don’t need a gym membership to indulge in HIIT, as you can incorporate this in your regular outdoor jog or run. The principle is simple and straight-forward. One minute of intense activity, followed by either a minute or a 45-seconds of recovery period. Then the cycle begins again till you reach your ten-minutes goal.

Increases Fat-burning Capability of the Body

Though HIIT may seem like a small workout, its benefits are far more than you can imagine, specially when you are building muscles. Lifting weights help to build and sculpt muscles, but what about the overlying layer of fat? HIIT steps in to burn this fat away in far more efficient manner than a regular cardio workout. One of the major benefits of combining HIIT with building muscles is that it creates and after-burn effect that leads to extensive post-workout calorie and fat burning. How cool is that!

Your Muscle Mass is Not Affected

With all the fat and calorie burning that occurs as a result of HIIT, you wouldn’t want to lose your muscle mass. Good news for you! HIIT doesn’t affect your muscle mass negatively. In fact, HIIT is associated with an increased release of Growth hormone. This growth hormone not only improves insulin sensitivity but it also boosts fat loss and helps in increasing muscle growth.

It has been shown that in 24 hours after a HIIT workout, the growth hormone levels increase by 450 times the normal levels. This encourages your body to preserve lean mass, while burning fat simultaneously!

Improves Stamina and Endurance

When you are doing your high intensity interval workout, you push your body to the maximum during that one minute of extreme exercise. While traditional exercises do test your stamina and endurance, HIIT pushes you to do more and more every time you do it. This increases your stamina and endurance. The more stamina and endurance you have, the more you will be able to put in your strength-training!

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It is Versatile and Works your Whole Body!

From running to jumping rope to biking, you have a number of options and what’s more, you don’t need any equipment to perform HIIT. Pylometric, high-knees and fast feet can all be incorporated in your HIIT to give you the same benefits of warming up your entire body and increasing circulation throughout! The more warmed-up your body is, the better you will be able to perform when it comes to weight-training!

It Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

HIIT workouts are well-known to increase the flexibility and elasticity of your blood vessels, owing to the increased nutrient and oxygen demand of the muscles involved! As mentioned earlier, this improves the working of your entire cardiovascular system and preps up your body for the ultimate weight-training experience!

It Challenges Your Mind, Body and Muscles!

While its duration may make it seem like an easy-to-do workout, trust us, it will make you break a sweat! It is not the kind of workout that you can do while reading a magazine or the kind of workout that relaxes you! Rather this workout is going to challenge your mind and each and every muscle of your body!

This works as a great pre-workout warm-up for your muscles and actually prepares them for what’s coming! It pumps you up and puts you in the mood for a good and challenging weight-training session! Keep in mind that since HIIT burns a lot of calories and fats, you need to be extra-vigilant about your diet, since you are combining weight-training with HIIT!

Combining Weight-training with HIIT Can Work Wonders for Your Muscles. Remember, a Good Workout for Muscle-building is Always a Combination of Cardio and Weight-training!


Glucomannan Plus Advantages And Working

Glucomannan Plus is a dietary supplement that is designed for weight loss while improving overall health and fitness. It is a clinically proven safe and effective fiber-rich product that swells inside the stomach which results in appetite suppression and weight loss in a healthy manner. It works like all other fiber in our diet does, by absorbing water. This makes the consumer of this product feel fuller for a longer period as the fiber substance becomes bulky after absorbing water.

Glucomannan Plus comes in the form of capsules that contain the herbal ingredients in a refined powdered form in vegetarian-friendly shells.


Glucomannan Plus is mainly the extract of Glucomannan, also known as Konjac root, in powdered form, but also contains green tea extract, chromium, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium, and silicon dioxide to increase the efficiency of Glucomannan’s weight losing properties and keep the body of its consumer in a good shape and good health. These additional ingredients fasten the weight loss process and are more beneficial than regular Glucomannan products.

Green tea is well known for its weight loss properties and its presence in the ingredients of Glucomannan Plus make this product an antioxidant which will get the body rid of toxins, boost metabolism, support alertness, increase energy levels, protect the body from harmful radicals, and promote fat-loss.

The content of chromium as an ingredient of Glucomannan Plus helps regulate blood sugar, and helps control food cravings.

This product is herbal and suitable for vegetarians, as it used naturally occurring herbs as its contents. It is free from any harmful chemicals, drugs, or additives and uses laboratory tested and clinically approved high quality herbs as its ingredients.

This product can also be used by diabetic patients as it can help control and lower down blood sugar. It promotes weight loss and fights obesity, helps relieve constipation, and lowers down blood cholesterol as well.


This product is mainly used to obtain the benefits of weight loss, but it has many other health benefits as well:

  • Defeats Hunger Pangs
  • Controls Appetite
  • Helps in Losing Weight
  • Cleanses Digestive System
  • Helps Cleanse Colon
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Solves Digestive Issues
  • Regulates Blood Sugar

Glucomannan Plus uses its fiber content to swell in the stomach after consumption by absorbing water, which makes the stomach feel fuller. This is a clinically tested and proven weight loss product that is entirely safe to use as a supplement.

The main function of the fiber present in glucomannan is to control appetite, which can help a great deal in preventing to eat instantaneous junk food, keeping away from high-sugar, high-salt, and addictive candies and other addictive drinks and processed food. This product helps you control your food intake, and gives you the control over being more thoughtful of your daily food consumption. This control over food intake has instant results and you start consuming a lot lesser calories.

Although it is an effective weight-loss product, but it is also extremely beneficial for treating and calming digestive conditions. It is especially good for the colon, and helps cleaning the digestive system by treating constipation. It is a good product for initial stages of diabetes as well, as it helps regulate blood sugar levels, and can control this ailment naturally. Glucomannan Plus is also suitable for everyone, even kids above five years of age. Some women lost up to four pounds in only two weeks with the help of this product, as it totally changed their eating habits and gave them control over choosing what to eat, and what to avoid eating. This safe and natural product lowers down and regulates cholesterol levels as well, for a healthy weight loss through shedding fats from body, and also promotes a good heart health by keeping your cholesterol in check and preventing it from shooting up. It can have marvelous weight-loss effects when taken as directed, with plenty of water throughout the day to let the fiber expand to its full size in the stomach and help you feel fuller.


Glucomannan Plus comes in the form of capsules made of vegetarian shells, filled with the ingredients in powdered form. Two capsules of this product should be taken three times daily for effective weight loss and health benefits. The capsules should be taken with water, fifteen to thirty minutes before each meal.

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Safety Assurance:

The capsules of Glucomannan Plus provide the body with surplus amount of dietary fiber which has no side effects, and is completely safe and healthy to use. The caffeine content in these capsules is also very moderate and cannot have any adverse effects of stimulants when taken according to recommended dosage, and is not overdosed on. Glucomannan Plus is a popular product and has many customers, none of whom faced any side effects on using this product. The medical research and clinical tests carried out on this product also declared it safe and effective for losing weight and improving health.


The dietary pills of Glucomannan Plus have been deemed an effective way of losing weight through natural means. Its richness in fiber makes it completely safe to use and the added benefits of green tea and chromium made it seem better than the other Glucomannan products available in the market. The lower amount of caffeine in this product subsides any side effects that could occur due to high-caffeine slimming pills, and provides it in lower dosage in each pill to promote alertness, keep you feeling energetic and help you lose weight by burning fat. The ingredients used are well-researched and the concoction of all the natural ingredients in this product are medically proven to be effective in losing weight. The high-fiber property of glucomannan in its purest form found in this product is also of high quality and supports in suppressing appetite naturally while maintaining a good health and healing a number of ailments like high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and digestive tract problems. The scientific data collected for the efficacy of Glucomannan’s components have proven records of aiding weight loss, the customer reviews and feedback were positive, and clinical tests came out to be positive too. Overall, it is an effective and safe product for weight loss.


The evolution of Kim Kardashian’s butt

Huge boobs and a big bum, celebrities work hard to gain perfect bodies and show them off in the public.

kim kardashian ass

When it comes down to having a beautifully contoured bottom, who else can one think of other than the most loved Kardashian, Mrs. Kanye West of course.

Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who loves to stay in the spotlight sometimes because of her being robbed in the city of love and at other times for her gorgeous body.

She is one confident lady who finds no shame in showing her “big” parts because she definitely takes pride even in the cellulite on her thighs just because this is who she is.

  • The most priced asset

Being a lady, she does have fantastic breasts, but rather than her boobs, Kim Kardashian is better known for her round and perfectly shaped booty.

Kanye is definitely one lucky man to get a chance to touch that bottom every day.

From swim suits to tight dresses, this confident lady does not miss a chance to show off her most priced asset.

But it does keep her fans wondering how she managed to get such an amazing bum in such a short time.

Well duh! Does the word cosmetic surgery ring any bells?

  • The butt evolution

kim kardashian buttLooking back in the early 2000’s when Kim had entered the industry and was able to make a mark because of her crazy family; her body has definitely gone through a huge transformation since then.

Love being in the news, this lady does not miss a chance to reshape her especially the assets and make them bigger and better.

Bigger boobs may not be on the list of her achievements but bigger booty is.

A lady with breathtaking beauty, Kim has a figure that many ladies out there just die for.

Having a perfectly shaped rear is what makes her the famous Kardashian all thanks to the latest cosmetic procedures which helped her in improving her assets.

  • The real transformation

It is obvious that Mrs. West puts in a lot of efforts to look great. She obviously has a pretty face but her body is the thing that keeps her fans sticked to her.

kim kardashian big ass

Why? Who wouldn’t want to know about the secrets behind her booty’s evolution and paparazzi never fails to disappoint the fans of such celebrities.

As much as she might hide, the truth comes out and so has the truth behind her bum’s evolution.

Getting such a perfect and contoured bottom naturally is of course impossible, it does require some “outside” help.

Having all the money to spend on her crazy self, Kim has too spent a few thousand dollars on her body surgery.

Yes, you heard it right it is cosmetic surgery that has made it all possible for her.

Well her surgeon must be really good at what he does. Just look at his master piece being praised every day by the millions of Kim’s fans all around the world.

Guys just drool over her round bottoms while ladies simply get jealous of her being able to carry such big rear with confidence and elegance.

  • The truth behind surgery

With such advancement in technology, spending a few dollars and ending up having your desired body is no big deal at all.

kim kardashian butt surgeryAnd so Kim too worked on getting a booty that keep guys fantasizing about her in the most inappropriate way.

But her x-ray in the show never showed any silicone implants in her tushy, so what has she really done?

A perfect combination of beauty with brains, Mrs. West did go under the knife but went for the most advanced procedure to cover up the truth well.

Rather than having implants, she opted for fat injections.

Yes, these do exist. She had fat deposits removed from her tummy and thighs through liposuction and got it injected into her butt.

The perfect way of getting such round and amazing booty somewhat naturally.

  • All the hatred from fans

Kim has been successfully ruling Hollywood and her fans with her fantastic body.

From wearing short, deep necked dresses to body hugging gowns, Kim has always find ways to boast about her body, curves and especially her tush. But having two kids can make a difference.

Recently when this pretty lady was clicked in her bikini, the cellulite hanging lose from her bottom made her fans furious.

People started criticizing her “perfect” body and started shaming her.

kim kardashian kanye west

But even with all the criticizing, as always Kim Kardashian was confident with herself and slammed the mouth shut of haters with her care free attitude and love for herself.

Whatever the truth may be, Kim Kardashian puts a lot of efforts in looking great and waking up to this beauty every morning definitely makes Kanye West one lucky dude.