The evolution of Kim Kardashian’s butt

Huge boobs and a big bum, celebrities work hard to gain perfect bodies and show them off in the public.

kim kardashian ass

When it comes down to having a beautifully contoured bottom, who else can one think of other than the most loved Kardashian, Mrs. Kanye West of course.

Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who loves to stay in the spotlight sometimes because of her being robbed in the city of love and at other times for her gorgeous body.

She is one confident lady who finds no shame in showing her “big” parts because she definitely takes pride even in the cellulite on her thighs just because this is who she is.

  • The most priced asset

Being a lady, she does have fantastic breasts, but rather than her boobs, Kim Kardashian is better known for her round and perfectly shaped booty.

Kanye is definitely one lucky man to get a chance to touch that bottom every day.

From swim suits to tight dresses, this confident lady does not miss a chance to show off her most priced asset.

But it does keep her fans wondering how she managed to get such an amazing bum in such a short time.

Well duh! Does the word cosmetic surgery ring any bells?

  • The butt evolution

kim kardashian buttLooking back in the early 2000’s when Kim had entered the industry and was able to make a mark because of her crazy family; her body has definitely gone through a huge transformation since then.

Love being in the news, this lady does not miss a chance to reshape her especially the assets and make them bigger and better.

Bigger boobs may not be on the list of her achievements but bigger booty is.

A lady with breathtaking beauty, Kim has a figure that many ladies out there just die for.

Having a perfectly shaped rear is what makes her the famous Kardashian all thanks to the latest cosmetic procedures which helped her in improving her assets.

  • The real transformation

It is obvious that Mrs. West puts in a lot of efforts to look great. She obviously has a pretty face but her body is the thing that keeps her fans sticked to her.

kim kardashian big ass

Why? Who wouldn’t want to know about the secrets behind her booty’s evolution and paparazzi never fails to disappoint the fans of such celebrities.

As much as she might hide, the truth comes out and so has the truth behind her bum’s evolution.

Getting such a perfect and contoured bottom naturally is of course impossible, it does require some “outside” help.

Having all the money to spend on her crazy self, Kim has too spent a few thousand dollars on her body surgery.

Yes, you heard it right it is cosmetic surgery that has made it all possible for her.

Well her surgeon must be really good at what he does. Just look at his master piece being praised every day by the millions of Kim’s fans all around the world.

Guys just drool over her round bottoms while ladies simply get jealous of her being able to carry such big rear with confidence and elegance.

  • The truth behind surgery

With such advancement in technology, spending a few dollars and ending up having your desired body is no big deal at all.

kim kardashian butt surgeryAnd so Kim too worked on getting a booty that keep guys fantasizing about her in the most inappropriate way.

But her x-ray in the show never showed any silicone implants in her tushy, so what has she really done?

A perfect combination of beauty with brains, Mrs. West did go under the knife but went for the most advanced procedure to cover up the truth well.

Rather than having implants, she opted for fat injections.

Yes, these do exist. She had fat deposits removed from her tummy and thighs through liposuction and got it injected into her butt.

The perfect way of getting such round and amazing booty somewhat naturally.

  • All the hatred from fans

Kim has been successfully ruling Hollywood and her fans with her fantastic body.

From wearing short, deep necked dresses to body hugging gowns, Kim has always find ways to boast about her body, curves and especially her tush. But having two kids can make a difference.

Recently when this pretty lady was clicked in her bikini, the cellulite hanging lose from her bottom made her fans furious.

People started criticizing her “perfect” body and started shaming her.

kim kardashian kanye west

But even with all the criticizing, as always Kim Kardashian was confident with herself and slammed the mouth shut of haters with her care free attitude and love for herself.

Whatever the truth may be, Kim Kardashian puts a lot of efforts in looking great and waking up to this beauty every morning definitely makes Kanye West one lucky dude.