The importance of HIIT Training for muscle building

HIIT has recently gained popularity amongst all gym-goers and people who like to take their fitness seriously. HIIT or high intensity interval training combines alternating periods of short but intense anaerobic exercise with less intensive recovery periods. Serious athletes have been known to utilize this form of exercise for quite some time now and they have been reaping the benefits of HIIT.

It is a simple idea that not only saves time but also gives you the same benefits as an hour-long workout. So it is perfect for people who do not have the luxury of spending hours in the gym everyday. Best of all, you don’t need a gym to incorporate HIIT in your daily life. You can do it without a gym, as well!

Here are a few benefits of HIIT and how you can utilize them for building muscles, the fast way!

It Is Time Efficient!

This is one of the best things about HIIT. It hardly takes ten minutes of your time and then you are good to go! You can lift weights after your HIIT, as this ten-minute workout covers warm-up time and also prepares your muscles for lifting weights. You don’t need a gym membership to indulge in HIIT, as you can incorporate this in your regular outdoor jog or run. The principle is simple and straight-forward. One minute of intense activity, followed by either a minute or a 45-seconds of recovery period. Then the cycle begins again till you reach your ten-minutes goal.

Increases Fat-burning Capability of the Body

Though HIIT may seem like a small workout, its benefits are far more than you can imagine, specially when you are building muscles. Lifting weights help to build and sculpt muscles, but what about the overlying layer of fat? HIIT steps in to burn this fat away in far more efficient manner than a regular cardio workout. One of the major benefits of combining HIIT with building muscles is that it creates and after-burn effect that leads to extensive post-workout calorie and fat burning. How cool is that!

Your Muscle Mass is Not Affected

With all the fat and calorie burning that occurs as a result of HIIT, you wouldn’t want to lose your muscle mass. Good news for you! HIIT doesn’t affect your muscle mass negatively. In fact, HIIT is associated with an increased release of Growth hormone. This growth hormone not only improves insulin sensitivity but it also boosts fat loss and helps in increasing muscle growth.

It has been shown that in 24 hours after a HIIT workout, the growth hormone levels increase by 450 times the normal levels. This encourages your body to preserve lean mass, while burning fat simultaneously!

Improves Stamina and Endurance

When you are doing your high intensity interval workout, you push your body to the maximum during that one minute of extreme exercise. While traditional exercises do test your stamina and endurance, HIIT pushes you to do more and more every time you do it. This increases your stamina and endurance. The more stamina and endurance you have, the more you will be able to put in your strength-training!

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It is Versatile and Works your Whole Body!

From running to jumping rope to biking, you have a number of options and what’s more, you don’t need any equipment to perform HIIT. Pylometric, high-knees and fast feet can all be incorporated in your HIIT to give you the same benefits of warming up your entire body and increasing circulation throughout! The more warmed-up your body is, the better you will be able to perform when it comes to weight-training!

It Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

HIIT workouts are well-known to increase the flexibility and elasticity of your blood vessels, owing to the increased nutrient and oxygen demand of the muscles involved! As mentioned earlier, this improves the working of your entire cardiovascular system and preps up your body for the ultimate weight-training experience!

It Challenges Your Mind, Body and Muscles!

While its duration may make it seem like an easy-to-do workout, trust us, it will make you break a sweat! It is not the kind of workout that you can do while reading a magazine or the kind of workout that relaxes you! Rather this workout is going to challenge your mind and each and every muscle of your body!

This works as a great pre-workout warm-up for your muscles and actually prepares them for what’s coming! It pumps you up and puts you in the mood for a good and challenging weight-training session! Keep in mind that since HIIT burns a lot of calories and fats, you need to be extra-vigilant about your diet, since you are combining weight-training with HIIT!

Combining Weight-training with HIIT Can Work Wonders for Your Muscles. Remember, a Good Workout for Muscle-building is Always a Combination of Cardio and Weight-training!


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